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  • Mar 30 2015

    Why Doctors Are Trying A Skin Cancer Drug To Treat A Brain Tumor

    This short piece focuses on the story of one patient’s (thus far) successful treatment for a particularly aggressive cancer. It does a nice job with this limited material, but taking a broader look at the evidence would’ve yielded a stronger, more useful story.

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  • Mar 28 2015

    Experts Back Angelina Jolie Pitt in Choices for Cancer Prevention

    Celebrities can be a force for knowledge or nonsense when it comes to health care. This New York Times piece fact checks an op-ed by Angelina Jolie Pitt against the recommendations of several experts.

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  • Mar 27 2015

    Vitamin D supplements may slow prostate cancer

    The claims made by one of the authors of a very small, short-term study — that vitamin D “made the cancer better” — deserved a more thorough analysis than this story provided. But the bottom line message was accurate.

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